CATIA V5 Kinematics Training

About the course

This CATIA V5 Kinematics course is based on the DMU Kinematics workbench functionality provided by the KIN product.
The course will teach you how to build working mechanisms by defining mechanical joints between assembly components and driving “commands” by which the mechanism can be manipulated.  You will learn how to simulate the mechanism to study its motion and carry out various analyses to evaluate the mechanism design.

Trainer-led course costs start from £400 per day at our Oxfordshire offices.


What people say

“I recently attended a CATIA training course hosted by DTE. I found their instruction extremely thorough and helpful. DTE gave background information about the topics, as well as the content, which I found very useful for my understanding.

It was clear that DTE has great competency in this area, as well as having very good trainers, and as such I would have no issue with recommending them.”



  • Create new Mechanisms.
  • Define Joints.
  • Define Joint limits.
  • Define driving “commands”.
  • Analyse the mechanism degrees of freedom.
  • Simulate the mechanism by direct manipulation of the Commands.
  • Simulate the mechanism by Laws.
  • Define Laws using formula.
  • Define advanced Laws using Sketch curves.
  • Record a Simulation.
  • Sequencing multiple mechanisms.
  • Define Sensors (Speed & Acceleration, Measurements, Clash & Contact, Distance & Band).
  • Record sensor values during simulations & plot result graphs.
  • Determine joint limits based on clash detection.
  • Generate Swept Volumes.
  • Generate Trace curves.
  • Import and use mechanisms defined within sub-assemblies (sub-mechanisms).
  • Define “Skeleton” mechanisms & use mechanism “Dress-Up”.



Students attending this course should have knowledge of CATIA V5 Foundation.

DTE is a certified and accredited PLM Education partner to Dassault Systèmes.

This course can be run on demand, please call 01993 883555 and speak to our training administrator, or send us your request below.