Get Dassault Systemes Certified

Desktop Engineering is the sole certification centre in the UK for Dassault Certification Exams.  We hold CATIA V5 Part Design, Assembly Design and Surface Design exams regularly and these are proving popular with both individuals seeking to improve their employment prospects, but also by companies and recruiters.

The examination comprises an On-Line multiple choice question and answer test with live modelling with CATIA to produce a 3D part.  At the end of the session you will get an instant answer on your result and if successful, will get a formal qualification as a Certified Professional.

 All CATIA Certification exams take place at our Oxfordshire offices in the UK.

But why do this?

Research by Dassault has shown that following certification:

  • More than 40% get better recognition within their company and amongst their peers
  • 30% got a better job or position
  • 10% had increases in salaries

Dassault have published a white paper on the gains to be made from Training Certification.  Download it here or read more on the DTE Blog.


DTE is an accredited and certified service and education provider to Dassault Systemes