CATIA V5 Assembly Design Certification

About the certification

This is a formal Dassault Systemes Certification Test written and delivered online, which tests users knowledge and skill with CATIA Assembly Design.

The test comprises a combination of multiple choice questions together with a formal modelling exercise which users then interrogate and answer specific questions on the model they have produced. It is computer based and answers are submitted online live during the test. At the end, you will be given a score and confirmation on whether you have passed. The pass mark is 70%.


CATIA V5 Assembly Design Exam

We recommend delegates have several months experience following any training courses in order that knowledge is embedded and experience gained.

Recommended Preparation course:  CATIA V5 Foundation or CATIA V6 Mechanical Design Fundamentals

Exam description: the exam includes several problem sets focusing on building and modifying two assemblies. It includes also some multiple choice questions on basic Drafting principles

Topics covered:

  • Creation and modification of assemblies:
  • Placing of the base part, inserting components
  • Constraints, reference geometry
  • Modification of key parameters in assembly
  • Analysis, measures, interferences, replacement…
  • Drafting: views, bill of materials, exploded views


The benefits…

Employees and Employers benefit from professional certification in several ways:

  • Provides a differentiation factor and ability to command higher pay
  • Certification is a professional milestone that carries credibility among peers and organizational leaders
  • Employee’s skills and knowledge are validated by a third party entity
  • Strengthens a candidate’s chance of selection in a job application
  • Certification is an indicator of commitment, performance and drive
  • Certified employees provide evidence that an organization is more qualified than its competitors
  • Certified professionals will be more insightful in solving problems
  • Employers can use achievement of professional certification as a requirement for advancement or pay increases
  • Professional certification is a quality marker that helps an employer measure the qualifications of a potential hire
  • It provides a hiring baseline for the human resource selection process
  • Credibility of the independent organization grants status to the certification



What is the format?
A combination of multiple choice questions, and live modelling with CATIA V5

Does the fee include VAT?
Yes, the net price + VAT

What do I need to provide?
Please bring valid ID with signature for certificate validation if exam results successful.

What can/can’t I bring to the event?
Mobile telephones are not allowed in the exam. We provide a computer and software for the modelling element of the exam.

What is the refund policy?
Refunds or exam date alteration can only be made up to 7 days before the event

What time should I arrive?
You should arrive no later than half an hour prior to exam in order that briefing and setup can be completed.

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