When you need clever solutions to difficult problems fast .....

DTE's sister company, Oxford Creativity helps companies and individuals make the best use of the intellectual property they already have; teach techniques to generate and capture more;  show you how to be innovative and solve your problems systematically with TRIZ.

TRIZ offers systematic innovation; by learning TRIZ and following its rules we can accelerate creative problem solving for both individuals and project teams. Companies that successfully apply TRIZ are using the success and knowledge of the whole world, and are not dependent on the spontaneous and occasional creativity of individuals, or groups of engineers, within their organisation. TRIZ is not just powerful for technical problem solving but is also successfully used on a wide range of management issues.

All DTE clients are offered a discount on places booked on Oxford Creativity's Full TRIZ Toolkit - Basic and Advanced workshop, at Egrove Park, University of Oxford.  CADCheck hours can be used to attend the workshops.


... a contradiction in terms;
... free thought by numbers;
... a top-down approach to lateral thinking;
... a structured approach to brainstorming;
..... the science of creativity derived from all scientific and engineering solutions.

TRIZ is a problem-solving toolkit: the principal TRIZ tools direct us to find all the ways of solving a problem, to find new concepts and the routes for developing new products. TRIZ has simple general lists of how to solve any problem; these TRIZ solution triggers are distilled from analysing all known engineering success. There are also tools for problem understanding, for system analysis and for understanding what we want.

When you need clever solutions to difficult problems – fast – you need TRIZ

TRIZ gives you systematic and reliable methods to both understand your problem and generate innovative solutions. The TRIZ tools make the best use of the brain power, creativity and experience of both individuals and teams, and supercharges everyone’s thinking.

TRIZ for Engineers books and resources

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