What people say

“I recently attended a CATIA training course hosted by DTE. I found their instruction extremely thorough and helpful. DTE gave background information about the topics, as well as the content, which I found very useful for my understanding.

It was clear that DTE has great competency in this area, as well as having very good trainers, and as such I would have no issue with recommending them.”



  • Basic understanding of the finite element method for linear static analysis
  • Understand the limitations of the above-mentioned products for carrying out FEA
  • Become familiar with the Generative Structural Analysis workbench interface
  • How and when to use 1D, 2D, 3D mesh elements
  • Tools and Techniques for preparing the model for FEA (de-featuring, creating restricted areas for applying boundary conditions)
  • Define and Apply materials
  • Apply realistic boundary conditions
  • Apply Restraints
  • Apply Loads
  • Define Virtual Parts
  • Define Assembly Analysis Connections (including Face-to-Face Slider, Contact and Fastened, Bolt Tightening, Spot Welds, Seam Welds, Pressure Fitting, and others)
  • Compute the analysis (includes some recommendations for machine specifications and setup)
  • Create and modify analysis result Images (Deformation, Von Mises Stress, Displacement, Principle Stress, Precision)
  • Techniques for interpreting the results for accuracy and quality
  • Manual and Automatic (Adaptive) mesh refinement
  • Create Reports



Students attending this course should have knowledge of CATIA V5 Foundation.

DTE is a certified and accredited PLM Education partner to Dassault Systèmes. NOTE: CATIA Training is offered in the United Kingdom only.

This course is scheduled by arrangement and can be arranged for one-on-one training, group session, on-site or on-premise. Call 01993 883555 and speak to our training administrator, or send us your request below, for more details.