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What is RAMSIS?

Advanced Simulation of Human Beings

RAMSIS is the world’s leading 3D CAD manikin simulation software. Developed by Human Solutions Ltd, RAMSIS realistically simulates vehicle occupants and analyses the ergonomics of interiors, allowing you to ensure a high level of product maturity and already save on physical prototypes during the early development of your products on the CAD model.

Though RAMSIS has been proven to add value throughout the automotive industry, this is not the only industry benefitting from such technology. Companies within Consumer goods, Aerospace and many more are leveraging RAMSIS to better analyse the interation of their products with humans.

We are proud partners of Human Solutions, and we’re here to help you better create, understand and develop products for the world around us. Get in touch today to find out more.

3DEXPERIENCE digital design CATIA see how its done

Market-leading functionality for ergonomics analysis

Scientifically validated data on body measurements and behaviour

Posture models and physiological joint simulation

Key Functions & Capabilities

Seat Design & Ergonomics

Using RAMSIS for Seat Design allows you to appropriately plan for real-life human interaction and ergonomics.

Seat belt design & Ergonomics

RAMSIS provides a sleek platform for the efficient design of belt systems, from ergonomics to safety standards compliance.

Vision &

The RAMSIS Cognitive module allows you to extend the visual analysis in RAMSIS to include readability and the minimum visual range of information.

Age & Demographic Design

Enhance Age-appropriate product design with the RAMSIS Virtual Aging module, which takes into account factors such as strength and vision.

Plan for Visual Standards

Unlock easier & faster market approval thanks to standard-compliant development with the RAMSIS Visuals Standards & Directives module.

RAMSIS Industry Solutions

  • Aerospace & Aviation – Digital Cockpit and Passenger Cabin Simulation Solutions.
  • Domestic Automotive – Ergonomics, Interior Development and Early Product Maturity.
  • Bus & Trucks – Ergonomic concepts to enhance safety for all on board.
  • Military & Defence – Ergonomic Solutions for Emergency Vehicles.
  • Industrial Vehicles – Solutions to Enhance Safety and Productivity.

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