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ICAM’s PSE Manufacturing solution is a powerful and flexible suite of software that can be utilised to create simple stand-alone 2-axis post processors, as well as complex,fully integrated post-processing and full machine simulation solutions. PSE is an acronym for ‘Post Processing, Simulation and Emulation’.

These modular parts of the product suite incorporate powerful, market-leading technology that enables active and smart processing.


Optimise your NC Processes with ICAM OSE

With ICAM PSE V21, further steps have been taken to incorporate more ‘SMART’ technologies and we can now introduce SMARTCut and SMARTFeed to sit alongside the existing SMARTPath.

These two new functions that enable optimisation when post-processing using Material Removal Simulation and volumetric calculations. Unnecessary fresh air cuts can be eliminated and management of the tool load within the material can be optimised using feed rate optimisation. This process supports with increasing tool life and increasing efficiencies. The options for controlling these two options can be easily used and manipulated, for best results.

  • Avoid collisions automatically.
  • Optimise your NC code.
  • Improve efficiency, safety and most importantly make your process more cost-effective.

ICAM PSE can be integrated with the worlds’ leading CAD/CAM and PLM providers which provides a ‘one port of call’ for all post-processing and simulation requirements.


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