MSC Software’s Simulation Portfolio subscription-based Token System

Simulation Software Portfolio

MSC One is a flexible and expanded product software solution that lets you take advantage of the broad range of MSC Software’s simulation portfolio within a token-based licensing system.

Based as an annual subscription, MSC One provides a cost-effective investment in product development giving access to a suite of multidisciplinary engineering software tools.

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Key aspects:

  • Full range of analysis capability including linear and non-linear static and dynamics analysis together with multibody dynamics.
  • Interfaces with most popular CAD systems with rapid geometry clean-up capability.
  • Access to MSC’s range of products including Apex, Nastran, Patran, Adams, MarcscFlow, scSTREAM, SimManager, MaterialCenter, and more.
  • Ability to analyse connected physics and disciplines delivers better prediction of part and system behaviour.
  • As a subscription product, MSC One capacity can be expanded or contracted based on current and future project needs giving flexibility on your investment.

How it works

The new subscription-based token system delivers a pool of tokens.

  • These are checked out from the pool to access and run a full range of CAE solutions available from MSC Software.
  • Each individual software item requires a certain number of tokens to run.
  • After each use, your tokens are returned to the pool for other use.
  • There are dozens of software items available under MSC One.

Who is it for?

  • Small-Medium sized companies with budget constraints and engineering analysis needs.
  • Consulting firms that cannot invest in outright per-seat purchases.
  • Large-scale global enterprises.
  • Engineering project managers; CAE engineering departments; VP of Engineering.
  • Purchasing and procurement.

Consolidate your current CAE software costs by taking advantage of the flexibility of token-based licensing.


  • Innovation:  Improve innovation by using simulation solutions that your company does not have access to.
  • Improve Productivity:  Create a flexible environment, as your project and CAE needs mature or change.
  • Reduce Risk:  Diminish your financial exposure with the ability to increase or decrease capacity as your engineering needs change.
  • Reduce Cost:  Obtain access to infrequently used CAE applications that might otherwise be difficult to cost justify.

Call Lynsey Watts on 01993 883555 for the most cost-effective pricing for MSC Software in the UK (packages start from less than 1/3 rd of the price of leading competitor products).

Using our 20 years’ experience in providing MSC solutions to the UK market, we will work with you to make sure you get the right packaging to minimise your costs.

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MSC One Datasheet

Learn about features and benefits that MSC One offers with access to Apex, Nastran, Patran, Adams, Marc,  SimManager, MaterialCenter and more.


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