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Finite Element Analysis (FEA) solver

The MSC Nastran Pedigree

– trusted, capable and efficient

Nastran was originally developed for the NASA Apollo missions and rapidly adopted by other space, aircraft, marine, and automotive companies where failure was either not an option or too costly to consider.

Nearly sixty years of development and testing means Nastran is still trusted by those companies, and a wealth of others, to deliver consistent results across a broad spectrum of analysis types and for models, small and large, with great efficiency.

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Support in-depth – the key to your success

One benefit of Nastran’s longevity in the market is the depth of expertise available from the support network.  At DTE our lead support engineer has nearly 30 years’ experience with Nastran and is backed by MSC Software’s UK team with a combined experience of more than 150 years.

Surprisingly affordable

You might expect that access to such a solution would be out of reach of all but the largest companies.  As part of the MSC One token licensing scheme, however, MSC Nastran is now affordable for companies from one-person consultancies upwards.

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I was aware of Nastran and its capabilities due to my work at Fokker Space during the early ‘90s. Due to the demands for Nastran modelling from ESA we took a strategic decision to move away from Siemens I-deas. I contacted Desktop Engineering, main UK business partner for MSC, and competitive pricing package they offered made decision to buy the FEA bundle relatively straightforward. Within a month we had signed contracts. The support and training supplied by DTE was exceptional.

Berend Winter

Head of Mechanical Thermal Engineering, Mullard Space Science Laboratory UCL

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Engineered for You

Expand the depth of your simulations with MSC Nastran’s wide spectrum of multidiscipline solutions; anticipate complex structural behaviors before creating expensive physical prototypes.

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