MSC Adams

Multibody Dynamics Simulation Solution and Motion Analysis Software

Adams – the backbone of your process

If you design products that move, or have moving subsystems, then understanding their behaviour can be critical to your success.  MSC Adams can support your design process at all stages of development.

From the earliest stages, before you have CAD models and are laying out the basic topology of your system, adding details as you break out subsystems through to developing the loads that you use to engineer components, Adams is there to support you.

As your parts become detailed, Adams has the capacity to integrate them back into your system models to validate the performance of the system as a whole against the original concept.

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Versatile and affordable

MSC Adams has been depended on by industry leaders for decades to develop their suspension, landing gear, controls and many more applications. 

These mechanical systems do not exist in isolation, they work in tandem with hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical control systems.  Adams gives you the flexibility to work closely with industry standards like MatLab Simulink to give your control systems engineers a realistic virtual mechanical system to work with. 

Adams will integrate with other physics simulation disciplines like Acoustics, non-linear FEA and fatigue tools to further enhance the quality of your simulation results and reduce your reliance on physical testing.

Access through MSC One

As a key part of MSC Software’s MSC One Token Licensing system, accessing Adams can be very affordable for smaller companies while giving you other tools in the MSC portfolio in addition.

If you want to know more or have an engineering problem you want to discuss in the context of simulation, please get in touchOur team is very experienced and can help you understand which tools could help you, and get them for you for the best possible price*.


*DTE has the most cost-effective pricing for MSC Software in UK: packages start from less than 1/3 rd of the price of leading competitor products

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