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What is IMSVerify?

IMSVerify is a unique analysis tool used for testing and analysing every facet of your CNC code.

Complex machining operations, and multi-axis machines increase the risk of programming errors that can result in incorrect or incomplete material removal, interference between machine components and fixtures, and damage to the part and/or machine.

IMSverify is a unique NC verification solution which checks the post-processed code that will run on your machine, going beyond simple APT or CL file verification within the CAM system. By verifying the actual G-code that will run on the machine, IMSverify provides you with complete confidence that your parts will be cut correctly.

Why choose IMSVerify?

Full Machine Simulation

IMSverify allows you to carry out full machine simulation with clash detection allowing for the accurate analysis of the complete end-to-end machining environment. This simulation includes all machine components, fixtures, tools, and tool holders ensuring you get full visibility.


Solids-Based Material Removal

True solids-based simulation gives you the most accurate verification of material removal.

With IMSverify, you import stock and fixture information as solids from your CAM system, so there is no additional work required. Following this import, you can then save the resulting parts from the simulation as solids and as in-process stock or for comparison to the original design data.


Integration with IMSPost

The integration of IMSverify with IMSpost provides a single, intuitive interface, where you can simultaneously view the CAM system data (APT), G-code from the postprocessor, and the material removal. You will step through the process and see exactly what is happening, and precisely how to address any issues using:

  • Breakpoints (at specific blocks, tool changes, conditions)
  • Dynamic rotation, pan, and zoom while cutting
  • Synchronised APT, G-code, and material removal
  • Full multi-axis support, including RTCP and working planes
  • Detailed representation of tool, tool holder, stock, clamps, and fixtures
  • Solids-based material removal with advanced visualization, including realistic shading and user control of colour, transparency, and error highlighting
  • Full machine simulation including clash detection
  • Complete mill-turn support including synchronisation of multi-channel controls

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