CATIA Composer (3DVIA)

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Revolutionise Technical Product Information Communication

CATIA Composer (previously 3DVIA Composer) can be used by non-technical users and does not require Computer-Aided Design (CAD) knowledge or training. Intelligent views permit complex product procedures to be effectively communicated using a minimum of text in a highly engaging interactive 3D experience. Views can be annotated and labelled in any way and format the user wishes, and Styles can be applied to any content to ensure visual consistency.

Repurpose existing 3D design data to more rapidly create and update high-quality product deliverables including documentation, technical illustrations, animations, and interactive 3D experiences. Input data can come from any 3D CAD system and can be maintained in the file system or in any PLM system.

Repurpose existing 3D Design Data

Produce animations, high-resolution raster and vector images. Producing 2D line art is quick and easy with CATIA Composer’s built-in technical illustration capabilities. CATIA Composer even permits users to document the product while it may still be incomplete and later update all deliverables without the need to re-work those deliverables.

CATIA Composer requires no programming skills or other specialized capabilities to produce any of its output deliverables.

Most Complete System for Product Documentation

Without CATIA Composer, any changes to product data require time-consuming manual revisions and rework to technical documentation. With CATIA Composer, you can seamlessly incorporate design changes directly into the product communication to create up-to-date, accurate printed and interactive materials.

CATIA Composer can be quickly and easily integrated into your entire product communication process. This not only reduces costs but improves quality and consistency of all documentation that you create throughout the lifecycle of your products.

Get CATIA Composer training

Easy to learn and use, CATIA Composer is an ideal complement to Microsoft Office, PDF, and HTML content delivery tools that you are already familiar with – PDF, HTML, AVI and graphics formats like SVG, EPS and CGM.

Get Composer training and learn how to:

  • Open and navigate inside a model with CATIA (3DVIA) Composer
  • Capture Views of a model
  • Enhance a model by adding annotations and changing its rendering
  • Create technical illustrations
  • Create high-resolution images
  • Create animations
  • Publish and share the CATIA (3DVIA) Composer content

and more.

CATIA videos


How to use sensors in MSC Adams

Using Sensors to Latch a Mechanism

Sometimes with a mechanism simulation you need to trigger a change in the mechanism when an event such as a latch engaging to stop a component from moving any further. You can model the geometry and use a contact model to capture the physical engagement of the geometry, but this can add to your simulation run time and require a lot of tuning to get working happily.

An alternative is to control the behaviour of the latched component directly using motions that are triggered by the use of Sensors – detecting when the event occurs using a measure and then altering the connectivity of the model to reflect the new configuration with the latch engaged. 

This simple example illustrates how the user sets up this type of simulation ….

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