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Packaging Machinery Design Solutions

Accelerate Time to Market & Maintain your Competitive Edge

In a fast-moving, ever-changing world, today’s Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Retail manufacturers often face conflicting challenges. Whether manufacturing FMCG, packaging machinery or more durable consumer products, creating engaging, or viral customer experiences our solutions can help you manage those challenges and optimise your business.

At Desktop Engineering, we can help you drive-to-end continuity from your product’s ideation to manufacturing and logistics enabling you to deliver more exciting, high performance, sustainable, and personalised products, and customer engagement experiences.

Design right first time, reduce your time to market and eliminate unnecessary costs through optimised planning, regulation compliance and increase collaboration throughout your supply chain.

Packing Machinery

CPG & Retail Solution

Design, Develop and Deliver Innovation on a Single, Collaborative Platform

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides an instant access to a catalogue of apps and online services to design, simulate, inform, and collaborate on a project with your eco-system.

Using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform can help you bring together all aspects of your business, from design and engineering, to sales and marketing, onto a single cloud-based platform, increasing collaboration, improving execution and accelerating innovation. 

  • Enforce a single source of truth across your organisation.
  • Create and collaborate on CAD data anytime, anywhere using CATIA.
  • Optimise project management and product development using ENOVIA.

Adhere to Industry Regulations and Standards

As consumers push for healthier, higher quality products, governing bodies are responding by increasing the number of regulations and compliance standards and practices that CPG brand manufacturers need to adhere to. And to make it even harder, these standards vary from country to country.

Our solutions can help you to:

  • Monitor compliance and ensure you’re in line with all relevant standards.
  • Improve regulatory compliance and traceability throughout your organisation.
  • Leverage virtual testing to reformulate and simulate new combinations of ingredients.

    Increase Brand Engagement Through Experience Marketing

    In a competitive marketplace, and in the viral age, CPG brand manufacturers and retailers must create differentiated product experiences to keep consumers engaged and attract new customers. Customer experiences are the key to unlocking positive brand perception, higher customer loyalty, referrals, and ultimately higher profitability.


    • Move beyond simply selling products to providing compelling brand experiences.
    • Drive differentiation by incorporating consumer insights and trends.
    • Provide the product and company transparency that consumers are seeking.
    • Remove internal silos to increase collaboration and innovation.

      Design and Optimise Packaging in On-Time and In Budget

      We provide a complete end-to-end packaging design solution that enables rapid iterations, increase collaboration, design and tooling, and high-end visualisation to help you shorten your design cycles and reduce costs.


      • Bring Sustainable Designs to Market Faster, and Cheaper.
      • Cut Your Design Time by up to 50%.
      • Reduce Materials and Design costs by 30-50%.
      • Reduce Risks and Virtually Eliminate Packaging Recalls.
      • Develop and Protect IP for Fast, Local Adaptation.

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