ICAM CAMPOST CAE nc post processing

CAM-POST from ICAM Technologies, is an advanced independent single source NC post-processing development, management and deployment technology supporting all major CAD, CAM, PLM systems, CNC controllers and machine tools. CAM-POST incorporates over 40 years of industry leading NC expertise to deliver the most advanced, intuitive and flexible system architecture available.

CAM-POST benefits include:

  • Ease of use takes the front seat for a quick & efficient implementation
  • Virtual Machine for Integrated machine tool simulation during post-processing
  • An instinctive, knowledge-based methodology
  • Increased NC Programmer productivity and manufacturing process efficiency

ICAM Technologies specialises in the development and implementation of advanced NC post-processing and machine tool simulation solutions for manufacturers in every major industry worldwide.

ICAM's product line also includes Virtual Machine and Control EmulatorTM.

Improve CNC manufacturing processes

If you want to improve your CNC manufacturing processes, listen to what DTE customers say about ICAM’s Adaptive Post-Processing technology. Through anecdotal evidence, the following short video introduces how two machining companies have gained significant improvements.

ICAM CAMpost Simulation Optimization Post Processing

If you use 3 or 5-axis technology, it explains how ICAM software enables you to program faster (normally by 35%), shorten manufacturing cycle time, enhance your part quality and improve your tool life.

The solution has saved our customers time and money, so watch the video if you think it might be appropriate for your manufacturing business.

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Improve CNC manufacturing processes with ICAM’s Adaptive Post-Processing technology

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