Outsource your engineering system support and concentrate on your core business

Helping you manage your systems and processes cost-effectively

CADCheck is a service from DTE that enables you to overcome the problems associated with managing a complex PLM and engineering system.

  • We act as your own in-house CAD Systems Manager – but without adding to your headcount.
  • We anticipate problems before they even occur ensuring you’re exploiting your system to the full.
  • A single source of expertise for your complete system
  • Telephone, web conference and remote access support delivered promptly
  • Reduce your costs and improve efficiency by using our experts

Ultimately, CADCheck helps to manage your systems in a cost-effective and convenient way, making sure you’re using your CAD and engineering system to its maximum potential.

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How does CADCheck work?

CADCheck gives you access to our skills on a contract basis and covers all aspects including - Application Software, Operating Systems and any other related skill or knowledge we possess. You, therefore, have peace of mind that your CAD/CAM, Engineering, PLM and IT Systems are functioning properly and exploited to the full.

With CADCheck we diagnose faults, liaise with suppliers, and suggest ways that you could be getting more from your technology. In short, everything that you’d get from a progressive in-house CAD Systems Manager on an ‘as needed’ basis.

Customers purchase a block of hours of support.  These hours can then be used for:

  • logged calls to Desktop Engineering support staff;
  • on-site support by one of our experienced engineers;
  • telephone and remote access support Monday to Friday
  • attendance at a Desktop Engineering Training course
  • Specialist skills such as Modelling of customer parts, Custom scripting, PLM Installation and Customisation, FE Analysis, Production of NC machining programs and Post Processor creation and modification.


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