Simulate your additive processes

Reduce Distortion and Scrap

3D printing of metal components offers companies a way to rapidly create near net-shape components without costs and lead-time involved in the creation of complex tooling.  The nature of the manufacturing process also allows the production of components that might be impossible to make by any other means offering the designer lighter weight options.

As a relatively new technology, there can be a lot of trial and error in the set-up process laying out the orientation and support structures for printing a part and the high-temperature nature of the selective melting process can result in parts with residual stresses and distortion.  Each failed run costs money and time, so having a way to simulate the process steps of printing a part, heat treating it, removing the support structure and hot isostatic pressing to consolidate it would have benefits both technical and commercial to companies using this technology.

At Desktop Engineering we deliver a software tool, based on a state-of-the-art FEA solver, with an easy to learn process-oriented interface (GUI) that can be used to improve your 3D metal printing process. This solution is appropriate to all powder bed fusion type processes.

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Technical Benefits

  • Calculate deformation of final part to reduce distortion and improve tolerances
  • Minimise residual stress to improve strength and fatigue life
  • Find best build-up orientation
  • Develop right support structure
  • Model post-build processes – heat treatment, support removal and porosity reduction with HIP process


Commercial Benefits

  • Reduce learning process and associated costs dramatically
  • Run more variations digitally prior to production to reduce costs
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Increase machine/manpower availability and productivity
  • Reduce material and energy consumption costs
  • Reduce scrap and aborted runs


Ease of use

While this technology is based on one of the most powerful FEA systems on the market, you do not need to be an FEA specialist in order to use this tool.

A workflow-based environment leads you through defining the orientation and support structure, and the post-production processes.

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Metal Additive Manufacturing

Our software partners have presented an interesting review of the status of 3D Additive Manufacturing in industrial processes at a recent colloquium, including a discussion on simulation of these process and what benefits this can bring.

Metal Additive Manufacturing - new challenges for software suppliers white paper trans cover

Download the whitepaper.

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