15 October

Julian Wilcox purchases MSC One StartEdition, a flexible, token-based product bundle

Oxford, UK, October 2016Desktop Engineering (DTE), a leading engineering software solutions provider and accredited business partner of MSC Software, today announced that Julian Wilcox, an Aerospace stress analysis consultant, has purchased an annual subscription to MSC One StartEdition – a products token system that enables individual consultants to take advantage of the breadth and depth of MSC Software’s simulation portfolio within a flexible token-based licensing system.

Julian specialises in aerospace stress analysis and works with companies such as Airbus Helicopters and B/E Aerospace. For many projects it is a pre-requisite to use MSC Nastran, the world’s longest established FEA solver. It offers a complete set of linear static and dynamic analysis capabilities along with unparalleled support for superelements enabling consultants to solve large, complex assemblies more efficiently.MSCOne from MSC Software

Historically, Julian had used MSC Nastran via a weekly license – due to the intermittent requirement from project work and budget restrictions this was the most pragmatic means of accessing the solution. Due to the cost effective pricing structure of MSC StartEdition, Julian now has continual access to a range of engineering software tools including MSC Nastan, Patran, Adams, Marc, MSC Apex and SimExpert.

Julian Wilcox said:

In terms of the bundle, MSC Patran and Nastran are the most important to my work.  MSC Nastran in particular is now extremely powerful and can quickly process large complex models in any variety of ways.  Using MSC One gives me the opportunity to grow my business and focus on my day-to-day work without the worry of a large, profit sapping overhead.

Geoff Haines, managing director at DTE, said:

MSC One is ideal for companies that have previously been unable to use MSC solutions due to cost. Small companies can now access the entire MSC product suite and can do so as their project and CAE needs mature or change.

Key benefits of MSC One include:

  • Reduce financial risk by increasing or decreasing capacity as your business needs change;
  • Full range of analysis capability including linear and non-linear static and dynamic analysis together with multibody dynamics
  • Interfaces with most CAD systems with easy geometry clean-up capability
  • Access all current and future MSC products.

For pricing information and the availability of online training and support on the MSC Software portfolio, contact Lynsey Watts on 01993 885114 or email.



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