2 March

MSC Apex, the latest release of MSC’s next-generation complete Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) platform, has been recognised by NASA Tech Briefs and the Golden Mousetrap Awards as one of the most important design technology innovations of the year. As an accredited business partner of MSC Software, DTE is delighted to announce that this solution is available now in the UK.

The NASA Tech Briefs 2014 “Readers’ Choice Product of the Year Award” recognised MSC Apex as the most significant contribution to the engineering community in 2014, citing its potential to help engineers do their jobs better and more efficiently. MSC Apex competed against 12 other products that had been chosen as products of the month by NASA Tech Briefs editors. Readers chose the top three products of the year through online voting. NASA Tech Briefs is read by more than 600,000 engineers and managers in aerospace and related industries.

At the Golden Mousetrap Awards, MSC Apex won in the “Design Tools Hardware & Software category”, which covers computer-aided design (CAD), product data management (PDM) and product lifecycle management software (PLM). Winners were chosen by the Design News editorial team and its advisory board. The Golden Mousetrap Award recognises innovation in the development of new products in automation, electronics, materials and design tools.

MSC Apex is the world’s first computational parts™ based CAE system. It transforms the way engineers perform simulation by reducing critical CAE modelling and process time from days to hours. MSC Apex delivers innovative technology that enables predictive product development in the earlier stages of design where it is critical in saving time and money.

MSC Apex reflects a complete rethinking of the simulation process that rearranged the way in which the components of geometry modelling, solving, and post-processing relate to each other. It moves simulation away from a serial process to an interactively connected process based on a new parts and assembly paradigm. With MSC Apex, engineers can incrementally run analysis of complex assemblies, conduct rapid trade studies, and exchange mathematical models in/through the supply chain without compromising intellectual property (IP).

For more information on this new platform call Lynsey Watts on 01993 885114.
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