4 December

MSC Software and the UK National Composites Centre (NCC) have announced the 1st Anniversary of their partnership. In the past 12 months, MSC Software helped to create a collaborative environment where the NCC and its partners work on future advanced composites products.

The NCC provides a bridge between academic research and industry which enables accelerated product development, innovation in design and a platform to de-risk the commercialization of technology development. The NCC’s steering board comprises senior representatives from major industries and the University of Bristol. The NCC provides solutions to develop innovative composites products in a controlled environment, with unique design-to-manufacturing user experiences. Companies working together with academics are able to explore, test, and validate design, as well as engineering and manufacturing options. Processes, methods, and solutions will be harmonized, spanning design, simulation and manufacturing within a single environment, while providing a compelling user experience.


MSC Software looks back to 50 years of CAE experience which adds long-term expertise and knowledge to enhance the NCC’s design capability,” said Tom Hitchings, Business Development Director at NCC. MSC’s software licenses offer a complete simulation environment for our team. “Our mission is to develop excellence of composites product knowledge and the partnership with MSC contributes greatly to this effort,”

said Hitchings.


“We are delighted to support the NCC and its members in developing innovative composite products and knowledge,” commented Kais Bouchiba, Senior Vice President EMEA, MSC Software. “The NCC ecosystem brings together a tremendous amount of composites experience and know-how in cornerstone discipline where there is a lot more to learn and research, design and test for future products. For MSC Software, there is nothing more exciting than to help companies drive innovation.”

Desktop Engineering is an accredited UK Business Partner to MSC Software.

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