16 July

by Akio Moriwaki, Industry Marketing Director – AEC, Dassault Systèmes

In 1986 it was just becoming apparent how computers could hugely improve engineers’ efficiency in design and analysis.  It was with this realization that Geoffrey Haines, (BSc(Eng), ACGI, C Eng, MIMechE, FRSA) founded Oxford-based Desktop Engineering Ltd (DTE), writing engineering software and serving as a reseller for established software houses. Since then, Haines has kept an eye out for ways to improve efficiency across various industries.

Since 1999, DTE has engaged CATIA-based solutions to designers, engineers and building manufacturers.

A few years later, DTE began to realize that its customers in the automotive and aerospace industries were light-years ahead of AEC industry.

Years of training and supporting its customers in the use and application of this software had taught DTE’s experts that there were ways designers and engineers could reap big benefits.

It was this observation that pushed Haines into discussions with early adopting customers, who were exploring with Dassault Systèmes how to bring the architecture industry into a new world of design possibilities.

At the Heart of AEC

Haines’ work has benefitted not only from good timing, but a good location.

“I’m very lucky because London is one of the centres of the architecture, engineering and construction industry in the world,” he says. “There is a great deal of respect for the quality and, in some ways, the boldness of design that comes out of some of these firms in the UK.”

The city boasts world-leading architects, engineers and contractors, giving service companies like DTE the opportunity to help connect a variety of members of the architecture, engineering and construction industry. ….. more

DTE is bringing this logical argument to a number of players in the architecture, engineering and construction industry who are realizing that better tools can lead to better — faster, cheaper, more complex and more unique — buildings.

Among DTE’s clients are:

  • Architect Allies and Morrison, which began running 3D projects to free up some of their limited time, before discovering that these tools could increase design productivity, capture creativity and control supply chains.
  • Façade Consultants Newtecnic, which put digital modeling to use, creating innovative beautiful and buildable structural building facades. The company adopted 3D tools to move beyond conceptual design to create a fully functional façade system.
  • Structural engineer Price & Myers, which has used 3D engineering to secure a reputation of engineering geometrically and structurally complex projects and take on more challenging projects.

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