12 May

Experience Thinking and Product DesignKeeping customers loyal to your company is getting harder. Not only are companies pushing the limits of competing on price, but most product information can be found online, meaning companies can simply copy innovations from one another and provide customers with very similar alternatives – which may be cheaper.

So what can organisations do to differentiate themselves and stay ahead? This is where Experience Thinking comes in.

Customers don’t simply buy a physical product, but they purchase the entire experience that it provides. If that experience is a good one, then it increases the chances of that customer forming a loyal bond with your brand.

By focussing on creating a great experience for the customer that impacts them on an emotional level, you can foster greater loyalty. This is Experience Thinking.

So what does this mean for designers? Designers should focus on producing products that use particular materials and have a certain shape, form and colour etc. that invokes an emotional response in the consumer. So how can you go about engaging in Experience Thinking? …

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