14 March

MIA logo MOTORSPORT INDUSTRY ASSOCIATIONDesktop Engineering is proud to announce that two of its clients won awards at the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA) annual Business Excellence Awards held earlier this year in Birmingham. DTE was short-listed for the ‘New Markets’ category due to its proactive push into the Marine sector, but it was Drayson Racing Technologies (DRT) and Delta Motorsport who took the top honours, winning the ‘Technology & Innovation’ and ‘New Markets’ awards respectively.


Launched in 1995, the MIA Business Excellence Awards recognises outstanding achievement at all levels within the motorsport and high performance engineering industry. “The motorsport industry is one of the shining stars of the British economy” said Chris Aylett, CEO of the MIA. A recent Government review of the motorsport industry revealed that the sector achieved sales of £9 billion in 2013.

DRT was rewarded for breaking the electric land speed record in the summer of last year. Its Lola Drayson B12/69 EV reached a top speed of 204.2 MPH on a 1.86-mile runway, beating the previous record by 40 MPH. DTE’s role in the evolution of this car was in the engineering design process. It was best positioned to provide counsel and training on the most appropriate software solution for the design of the car, and after fully understanding the complexity of the requirements it recommended the collaborative capabilities of CATIA PLM Express.

Delta Motorsport techGraham Moore, chief architect at DRT, said: “Collaboration was critical to the success of this project and CATIA PLM Express certainly provided us with this. The functionality within the package enabled us to reduce development time and respond more quickly to any design modifications.”

Delta Motorsports ‘New Markets’ triumph acknowledged its success at transferring its world-class motorsport techniques and capabilities into other business sectors, particularly automotive. Delta’s range of services encompasses full vehicle design, mechanical and electronic system development, and aerodynamic consultancy. Emerging technologies are a key part of the company’s portfolio, where the focus often falls on light weight structures and electric or hybrid powertrains. DTE has recently started working with Delta and has subsequently advised and supplied CATIA licenses, and continues to provide ongoing technical support.

Geoff Haines, managing director at DTE, said:

“Although we didn’t win on the night, it’s always gratifying to see your customers pick up awards knowing that we played some part in their success. DRT and Delta use technology to innovate at the cutting edge, which is one reason why they’re both so successful.”



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