3 December

DTE Announced as the UK’s first Dassault Authorised Certification Centre

Oxford, UK, December 3, 2015 – Desktop Engineering (DTE), a leading engineering software solutions provider, today announced that it had received certification from Dassault Systèmes to become an Authorised Certification Centre, the first of its type in the UK. As an official test centre, DTE is now sanctioned to administer and distribute Dassault certifications from its headquarters in Oxfordshire.

Gael Auffret, Global Education at Dassault Systèmes, said:

We are excited that Desktop Engineering has been appointed as the UK’s first Dassault Certification Centre, which shows their ongoing commitment and dedication to support our aims of having a well trained and certified CATIA design community.

Dassault’s Certified Professional Program is administered through a series of exams, which assesses an individual’s technical knowledge and skills for a range of Dassault Systèmes brands and industry solutions. The exams are organised in a hierarchical tier within a product domain to provide industry and individuals with a degree of flexibility to achieve their specific goals. All exams are delivered via computer-based testing systems, in a secured environment, to ensure integrity throughout the certification process. Test results are provided via automatic scoring when an exam is completed or time has expired.


The program gives companies, users and business partners a common index to measure their 3DS knowledge and skills against market norms. It targets user groups such as product designers and developers, Dassault Systèmes business and service partners, and new professionals joining the 3D design market. In addition, the program offers valuable feedback by providing a quantitative before-and-after measurement of trainees’ acquired skills.


Geoff Haines, managing director at DTE, said:

To gain certification as a test centre we ourselves had to achieve a requisite level of certifications and demonstrate that our facilities were of the required standard. The certifications are important to the industry as it enables individuals to validate technical excellence on specific technologies and solutions. The program is global and sets a common index to enable measurement and comparison, but also allows service companies to prove to potential clients that they have the right skill set for a certain project.



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