10 June

DTE today announced the launch of a new service which will enable individuals to benchmark their knowledge of CATIA against a worldwide average. Prior to undertaking DTE CATIA training courses, tests are now available which will enable businesses to understand where skill gaps exist in their teams. This allows DTE to offer tailored courses for individuals and groups to ensure that any scheduled learning is targeted and maximises investment.

Geoff Haines, managing director at DTE, said:

“Far too often training courses are generic and concentrate on material that the trainee is already competent on. The service we offer eliminates that possibility by testing the individual prior to taking the course. This enables us to customise our content and develop individual learning plans and company specific training programmes. Once the course has been completed, we can then measure individual knowledge improvements. In addition, the score you receive can be compared to a global test average providing you with an insight into how skilled your team actually is.”

The ‘precision learning’ tests are self-assessment and are presented in a multiple choice format. The exercises cover key CATIA V5 concepts such as User Interface, Sketcher, Parts, Assembly Design, Knowledgeware and Surface Design. Importantly, performance tests are available post training to analyse student and group progression. The CATIA V5 Mechanical Design test is 1 hour long and contains 50 questions, the CATIA V5 Hybrid Design Essentials test is 1 hour long and contains 60 questions. More in-depth assessments are available on request.

DTE is a member of Dassault Systèmes Education Partner Program+ (EPP+) which enables it to train Dassault’s major accounts in the UK. To meet the EPP+ criteria set out by Dassault, all of DTE’s trainers have taken and passed relevant certification tests. DTE courses are trainer-led and include instruction and demonstration of all relevant commands and functionality. The exercises are structured and designed to ensure that the user has to think about how to employ the functionality and techniques taught. All courses are progressive so that skills can be enhanced to the highest levels in a systematic way.

To discuss your CATIA skills assessment requirements in more detail email DTE at info@dte.co.uk.


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