27 January

DTE has been appointed as an official reseller for Transcat’s Q-Checker product suite, which includes Q-Checker, Q-PLM and Q-Monitor. These solutions enable companies to follow their own design principles and to meet essential quality requirements.

Transcat’s Q-Checker product The adherence to standards and design methodologies is now an integral part of the PLM process. Product data quality is automatically checked at significant process steps and through statistical evaluations a continuous improvement process is established. As large OEMs are now insisting that Q-Checker is part of the any contractual agreement for CATIA design, these solutions are becoming essential to any company involved in an established supply chain.

Q-Checker helps to ensure that corporate design standards and specifications for using CATIA are adhered to, allowing the design and production teams to become more productive and efficient. Widely recognised as the world-leading system for quality assurance in virtual design, OEMs using the solution work in the knowledge that they’re sending suppliers good quality data. At the same time, they can insist that their suppliers use a specific checking profile. Suppliers who use Q-Checker can assure their customers that they are delivering accurate models that are based on a consistent standard of modelling practices.

During the design process, CATIA users frequently need to use multiple CAD systems and data, a practice that frequently leads to problems with data translation resulting in significant reworking and redesigning. Q-Checker helps to catch errors and adjust standards quickly and effectively, allowing for speedy recovery.

As part of the reseller agreement with Transcat, DTE will also be able to offer Q-PLM, a product which integrates Q-Checker into Product Data Management (PDM) and data exchange systems in order to verify the product data quality and Q-Monitor, a solution which makes Product Data Quality (PDQ) visible throughout the entire process chain.

Geoff Haines, managing director of DTE, said:

“Historically, OEMs have taken the responsibility for checking the validity of any CATIA file received from a supplier. But now that emphasis has changed and suppliers are being tasked with ensuring that any file they submit is correct and complies with the rules set out by the OEM. Therefore, Q-Checker is becoming a fundamental requirement for any company that aspires to work in an automotive or aerospace supply chain.”


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