27 May

DTE has been appointed as the sole UK and Ireland reseller (VAR) for HyperSizer, an aerospace-centric software suite that is used to quantify all critical failure modes, reduce structural weight, and sequence composite laminates for fabrication to avoid unexpected design problems and weight growth as the design matures.HyperSizer provides a complete CAE software interface that is used from preliminary design to final analysis. HyperSizer enables a designer to achieve a realistic, fully optimized, and manufacture-ready design while also eliminating costly hours of manual calculations, offline spreadsheets, and model re-meshing. By using HyperSizer companies will benefit from a number of design and business efficiencies:

  • Reduce structural weight by more than 20% by fully exploring the design space to find weight optimum panel and beam concepts.
  • Increase productivity by automating the types of structural analyses that are performed by a stress engineer using closed-form, empirically based, and numerical solutions.
  • Reduce design cycle time and engineering effort while also evaluating millions of panel and beam cross sections and automatically iterating with FEA to update the load path. No re-meshing is required.
  • Certify structures faster by analyzing hundreds of industry standard failure methods, generating complete documentation for FAA certification, and providing a test database for test data validation.


Craig Collier, president and founder of Collier Research Corporation says “I am very pleased to announce that we have selected DTE to be our exclusive distributor of HyperSizer software solutions in the UK. This is a very exciting time to come on board because we are launching HyperSizer V7 this week. This launch represents a monumental improvement in structural design, analysis, and optimization for the aircraft industry. With its strong presence in the UK, DTE will have a powerful new product to introduce immediately to its vast range of UK customers.”


Geoff Haines, managing director at DTE, said: “Our heritage in the aerospace industry and our existing relationships with Dassault Systèmes and MSC Software lends itself to selling this product and we are already in dialogue with a number of prospective customers. The commercial benefits of HyperSizer are easy to understand and target areas where engineers are always looking to gain a competitive advantage. We see other industries such as motorsport, where weight and strength as crucial, as a market for this application.”

The unified software standardizes the design process by automating the following tasks:

  • Preliminary Design Optimization, Complete structures are modeled in HyperSizer with panel and beam concepts that are mapped directly to the finite element model on import.
  • Final Analysis Margins of Safety Calculations, automating hundreds of industry standard failure analyses to evaluate the strength and stability of entire structures to thousands of user-defined load cases.
  • Stress Report Documentation, for all failure modes that includes the analysis methods and calculations required for FAA airworthiness certification. Summary tables of controlling margins, load sets, and failure modes are included.
  • Test Data Validation, correlating failure analyses to test data by simply defining the load at which the test specimen failed. By integrating the test data failure loads with the analytical predictions, engineers are able to quickly establish and permanently maintain the record of prediction accuracy.


How does it work?

First, import a finite element model (FEM) directly into HyperSizer along with the corresponding FEA-computed loads. HyperSizer then analyzes using non-FEA failure methods to quantify safety factors and eliminate negative margins of safety for thousands of mechanical and thermal load sets. It then optimizes to quickly determine the lightest weight combination of material systems, cross-sectional dimensions, and ply layups for all panels and beams in the structure and automatically iterate with FEA for load convergence.


Who for?

Originally developed specifically for airframes, HyperSizer CAE software performs 80% of the analyses required right out of the box. From preliminary design optimization for manufacturability to final FAA certification, the software uses the same analysis methods from beginning to end of the project – avoiding unexpected negative margins and weight growth. HyperSizer simultaneously analyzes and optimizes structural panel cross-sectional dimensions, materials, and layups; substantially reducing weight and getting your design back on track with positive margins of safety for all load cases and failure modes.

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