10 February

Desktop Engineering (DTE) has been appointed as the sole EMEA reseller of CAEfatigue VIBRATION, a revolutionary new frequency domain fatigue solver, which works with mixed random (Power Spectral Density) and deterministic loading sources in a way not currently possible with other software solutions. CAEfatigue VIBRATION is a 2nd generation technology, independently developed from the ground up, with no reliance on 1st generation algorithms. This new technology will deliver orders of magnitude improvements in solution speed and infrastructure needs.

The avoidance of fatigue failure is a design requirement for nearly all mechanical engineering systems. In fact, for many everyday products like cars, aircraft, trains, etc fatigue life (or durability) is the limiting design requirement. Testing plays an important role in determining the required level of durability, but analysis is also vital at all stages of product development. Therefore, CAEfatigue VIBRATION is relevant to any stress or test engineer that uses FEA codes, such as MSC Nastran, to calculate fatigue in structures which vibrate. In relation to legacy fatigue analysis solutions, there are four distinct advantages for engineers when using CAEfatigue VIBRATION:

  • More Powerful Solver – in automotive, frequency based methods are already widely used for component design. However, practical model result sizes are typically limited to sizes below what is possible in the stress solver process. CAEfatigue VIBRATION removes this limitation. Result files of up to 250GB have been tested.
  • More Robust Algorithms – the solution moves on from 20-year old legacy technology and provides more versatility in terms of equivalent stress output, fatigue solution type, materials modeling and event processing.
  • More Flexible Loads – a wide variety of frequency-based loading is allowed in CAEfatigue VIBRATION including Random Power Spectral Density (PSD), Random PSD plus Harmonic, Random PSD plus Narrow Band Overlay, Sine Sweep, Simultaneous Sines and Consecutive Sines.
  • Multiple Input Loads – a vast improvement on 1st generation fatigue solvers, allowing the evaluation of systems with multiple simultaneous inputs such as road vehicles.

For input, the process requires a Nastran generated stress results file as well as a set of analysis instructions via an input Control File. For output, several file formats may be generated including Patran Neutral and CSV. Included in the results set are fatigue life and damage, plus several forms of response statistics not currently available from any solver on the market today. Some industry specific advantages include:

  • The technology is relevant to automotive as it reduces the amount of time based loading data they have to manage. Dramatic reductions in data storage are possible.
  • Engine vibrations, rotary aircraft and many other systems are typically dominated by harmonics, CAEfatigue VIBRATION enables these issues to be properly addressed.
  • Loads for systems like tanks and other Defence vehicles are routinely specified in the frequency domain (eg ITOPS/MIL-STD 810G standard). CAEfatigue VIBRATION makes analysis of these systems easier.
  • For satellite systems, the random response capabilities in CAEfatigue VIBRATION, and especially the new methods for von-Mises and Principal stress calculations, will be highly valuable.

Geoff Haines, managing director at DTE, said:

“CAEfatigue VIBRATION has been developed based on experience and listening to what engineers need in terms of specialist functionality. Our heritage with MSC lends itself to selling this product and we are already in dialogue with a number of prospective customers.”

Neil Bishop, managing director of CAEfatigue Limited said:

“Powerful, efficient and practical tools for frequency domain analysis and fatigue calculations have been promised for 30 years and at last, today, they are a reality”



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