20 September

20 September 2017 – EMO Hannover

EMO 2017 Hannover

Desktop Engineering with its Supplier, ICAM Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of its Dedicated 3 Axis Adaptive Milling Bundle at the EMO Trade Fair in Hannover.

This bundle will allow companies who utilise 3 Axis Milling to have a bespoke dedicated Post Processor written for a Machine Tool with full Machining Simulation by the inclusion of the Controller Emulator, Material Removal and Virtual Machine and ARC Fitting licences from ICAM.

In addition and more importantly the bundle includes ICAM’s SMARTPACK Technology for Machining Optimisation:-

SMARTCUT:- Automatically changes to RAPID or HIGH FEED any toolpath (or section of a toolpath) where the tool is not engaged or close to being engaged into the in-process stock. It also has the unique capability to turn a portion of a RAPID move into Working FEED to avoid rapid motions cutting the in-process stock.

Shape Machining CNCutter image of post processing CNC maching cutting tool small landscape

SMARTPATH:- Automatically recalculates the toolpath linking motions (i.e., positioning motions between cutting motions) taking into consideration the fastest path (based on axis velocity and machine kinematics), while ensuring the new optimized linking motions stay inside the machine working envelope (implicitly avoiding all overtravel issues).

SMARTFEED:- Automatically recalculates the best machining feedrate based on the machine tool capacities, tool reference cuts, and real-time tool engagement in a material.

Easy to use, easy to understand, easy to learn.

This is a Pre-Discounted bundle and is available for a limited period. For more details contact Chris Palmer from Desktop Engineering 



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