2 August

25144786944_ab2c3c453b_o.jpgContinuing my theme of Shakespearian references, I wonder if the bard was prescient foreseeing this question that has been asked many a time by managers when they start design projects?  “Should we do this in 2D, it will be quicker, or should we take the plunge and model it in 3D” – how many times has that been said in the last two decades or so, let alone 400 years?

Some industries have taken the bull by the horn and mandated this extra effort – the automotive industry for example started in the early ‘90’s doing this and then mandating their supply chain do the same so that information could be shared electronically.  There was no need for 2D drawings as models were exchanged through digital telephone lines, and hence design reviews could be performed quickly and accurately. …

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