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New Space, New Horizons: Wherever the New Space age takes us – visualize & innovate together is key

Speed-up Innovation

Space is no longer the sole domain of government agencies. Private companies are disrupting the space exploration and satellite industry as they compete to produce increasingly sophisticated satellites and reusable launchers. In the race to successfully launch satellites into orbit, New Space companies must speed up innovation in satellite technology.

To win the race companies must bridge the gap between the real and the virtual worlds.


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New Space New horizons satellites Dassault Systemes space

Design and Innovation

Reduce those bottlenecks in design by integrating form, fit, and function on a single digital platform satisfying requirements in a collaborative framework – the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

This reduces risk, lowers cost, and speeds up delivery and innovation.

The team has all they need to work from home and by using the platform on cloud we have been able to continue working with virtually no difference in performance.

Owen Thompson Cheel

Senior Aerospace Engineer, Vertical Aerospace

Certification and Validation

Rely on accurate virtual simulation to ensure your design meets all European satellite strength, vibration and durability needs using the industry-standard NASTRAN finite element analysis software.

New Space New horizons satellites Dassault Systemes space


Digitally optimise the factory, supply chain and workflows for efficient operation of the physical factory and supply chain network. It guarantees flexible production capabilities and first-time right quality.

Why DTE?

Our skills and experience in supplying and supporting all the common industry solutions of CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, NASTRAN and ENOVIA 3DEXPERIENCE ensures you have the right partner to move to a digitally transformed and efficient company.

DTE is also proud to sponsor the SMi Small Satellites Virtual Conference in April 2021 – listen to speakers from SSTL, UK Space Agency, Air Force Research Lab and more. View the event detail here  >>

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New Space, New Opportunities

Insights that help New Space players identify opportunities to thrive in the entrepreneurial space age.

Reinvent The Sky Accelerate concept to certification on the cloud ISE 3dx 3d

Reinvent The Sky - A&D solutions

Accelerate product lifecycle from concept to certification, gain a significant advantage by being first to market.


How to use sensors in MSC Adams

Using Sensors to Latch a Mechanism

Sometimes with a mechanism simulation you need to trigger a change in the mechanism when an event such as a latch engaging to stop a component from moving any further. You can model the geometry and use a contact model to capture the physical engagement of the geometry, but this can add to your simulation run time and require a lot of tuning to get working happily.

An alternative is to control the behaviour of the latched component directly using motions that are triggered by the use of Sensors – detecting when the event occurs using a measure and then altering the connectivity of the model to reflect the new configuration with the latch engaged. 

This simple example illustrates how the user sets up this type of simulation ….

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