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Integrate PLM engineering design & manufacturing processes

If it wasn’t so exciting to be in automotive engineering right now, you could describe the agenda of automotive as exhausting. Fast just got faster and fastest as yet hasn’t been fully defined or understood. It’s a tsunami of change and we’re all standing right in its way.

Cue DTE Automotive. We don’t just talk about automotive, we’re living it with the industry.

How can we help?

Here are some of the areas we’re currently looking at:

  • How Software-First design accelerates innovation at the speed of technology
  • Emerging markets are bringing disruptive design and technology from unexpected quarters
  • Increased automation in the manufacturing process right through to user behaviours
  • Power options will continue to dominate the next 20 years of vehicle manufacture
  • Implementing the changes mandated by OEM’s to suppliers

Transportation, Mobility, Motorsport, F1, Automotive – we keep your company moving forward.

So, what next for the industry?

We read the same as you. Automotive revenues will rise 30%, competitors will be forced to collaborate and shared ownership will shapeshift even the most traditional markets.

Enjoy. It’s going to be amazing. Let’s talk. Wherever you are in the supply chain, we’re bound to be able to bring you some advantage.


DTE is a member of The Niche Vehicle Network: an independent association of over 800 niche vehicle manufacturers, specialist technology and design and engineering companies.

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