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Solving Aerospace and Defence Design Challenges

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So you want to solve a challenge in Aerospace or Defence. We’ve helped OEMs and their supply chains tackle some of the toughest, and some of the most brutally simple challenges.

From companies as great as Folland Aerospace to those as big as Airbus we’ve worked on projects from nose to tail.

Aerospace and Defence companies are asking us to solve these challenges

Do the questions we’re being asked resonate with you?
  • Onshoring by OEMs means we have to respond quickly to new orders
  • We need to manage design reuse
  • Growing demand for air travel means we need to make more for less
  • We have to find new ways to speed up product design to production times
  • The market needs more capacity and the supply chain is being pushed to deliver it
  • Tooling and machining needs to be optimized to keep costs down

The team has all they need to work from home and by using the platform on cloud we have been able to continue working with virtually no difference in performance.

Owen Thompson Cheel

Senior Aerospace Engineer, Vertical Aerospace

Knowledge and experience

Our in-depth knowledge and experience of the aerospace industry enables us to collaborate with supply chain manufacturing industry-specific solutions. We’re often helping to solve design and manufacturing process demands right through to helping achieve strong profitability and production scalability.

Our experience is backed by one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Dassault Systemes’ business and training partners.

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#BeyondBIM2021 Symposium Highlights

Key TakeAways 

Desktop Engineering has concluded its annual BeyondBIM virtual event with a broad consensus that in the future the construction industry needs to grasp new technologies to drive improved processes, together with recognising the need to train in these new methods.

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Company Restructuring & Software Licencing

Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis companies in the aerospace design and manufacturing sector have been particularly affected by the economic impact of the disruption to worldwide economies. Some have seen their orders and revenues drop immediately by sometimes 50% driven by the reduction in production of new aircraft.  

These companies have had to quickly reduce costs and take advantage of any state support.

However, those with low cash reserves have seen the need to restructure through some form of merger, sale or even some type of insolvency process.

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