Global manufacturing in the Digital Age

Facing Key Challenges with Solutions

Today's customers want more choices.  This has created new approaches to product delivery - and if Industrial Equipment manufactures worldwide want to thrive, they must embrace new ways of working.

Discussing Industry pain points: Globalization, Diversity and pressure for Speed.To leverage manufacturing planning and simulation while seeing the product and the corresponding production line with tools, workers, and machines in 3D is a giant leap in productivity from alphanumeric tables.

The basic questions of “where?”, “when?”, and “how?” are answered in far less time with far greater confidence.

Download the Mastering Global Manufacturing with Seamless Digital Continuity white paper and find out more about how Dassault Systemes' solutions provide an overview of these benefits.

Customer Successes

Wittur - Exalead Case Study

Challenge: Following a series of acquisitions, Wittur, a leading manufacturer of elevator components, modules and systems, needed to leverage the massive amount of diverse data across its globally-located plants and to increase part reuse.
Solution: Wittur adopted Dassault Systèmes’ EXALEAD OnePart search application to provide its sites with access to consolidated source of standardized information to meet their needs.
Benefits:  Wittur is able to search through its various data sources - SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional for geometry, as well as other legacy SQL databases - reducing time engineers, spend looking for information by more than 20 hours per day, which represents over €180,000 per year. EXALEAD also helps them find existing parts for reuse in new projects, which avoids unnecessarily creating new ones.  Read more >>


Challenge: Construction equipment manufacturer Takeuchi faced growing pressure to streamline its development processes to accelerate delivery of an increasingly diverse range of products to market.
Solution: Takeuchi chose Dassault Systèmes’ to provide an integrated platform for product design, analysis and production.
Benefits: With the platform, Takeuchi has a single, unified environment for all product-related activities, with enhanced collaboration, data compliance and time to market.  Read more >>

Chongqing Yinhe Case Study

Challenge: Facing fierce global competition, Chongqing Yinhe (CQYH) strived to improve winning rate of bidding and efficiency of order fulfilment.
Solution:  CQYH chose Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform and its Simple Solution Selection industry solution experience for order fulfilment.
Benefits:  With Simple Solution Selection and modularized product architecture CQYH accelerated order fulfilment and reduced design errors by 50%.  Read more >>

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Watch the 4Thought webcast with Jim Brown, Jeremy White (Wired Magazine), Nick Jankle (Author & Thought Leader), Mark Van Herreweghe and Stefanie Naujoks (IDC) on tackling the 4th industrial revolution and the game-changing impact on industrial equipment. The panel discusses the dangers, and the opportunities it presents and help you get prepared to take advantage, to beat your competition.




Today's customers want more choices. This has created new approaches to product delivery - and if Industrial Equipment manufactures worldwide want to thrive, they must embrace new ways of working.

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