ICAM Technologies

Specialising in development and implementation of advanced simulation solutions for manufacturers

Advanced NC post-processing solutions

ICAM has provided development and implementation to aerospace, automotive, medical, heavy equipment and electronic organisations with advanced NC post-processing solutions and machine tool simulationsolutions for over 40 years, helping to increase productivity and achieve greater manufacturing performance and precision.

ICAM’s product line includes…

  • CAM-POST® – from simple 2 and 3 axis to complex multi-axis application CAM-POST is an NC post-processing development software compatible with all major CAD/CAM systems, machine tools and controllers.
  • Virtual Machine® – graphical machine tool simulator depicting the operations and motions of CNC machines; thereby, allowing for the unique ability to detect and automatically correct collisions and over-travel block by block during post-processing.
  • Control Emulator™ – software allowing NC programmers to verify and test NC programs using g-code inside Virtual Machine®
  • SmartPATH® (patented) generates new optimized and efficient positioning tool-paths while avoiding over-travel and collisions. It also eliminates your time-consuming dependency on inefficient and unsafe RAPID or high-feed positioning motions generated by CAM systems.
  • SmartCUT™ eliminates time wasting “air-cuts” by using material removal simulation to detect when the tool is not engaged with the material and moving at a cutting feed. Where feasible, SmartCUT will change these air-cut motions to RAPID or high-feed; thereby, significantly reducing machining cycle time.
  • SmartFEED™ optimizes cutting feed-rates by using material removal simulation to automatically recalculate the best machining feed-rate based on the machine tool capabilities, tool reference cuts and the real-time engagement of the cutting tool in the in-process stock material.
  • Control EmulatorTM (CE), is a software product allowing NC programmers to simulate and test NC programs using Machine Code Data (MCD) inside ICAM’s Virtual Machine and/or CATIA V5/DELMIA.

A new Dedicated 3 Axis Adaptive Milling Bundle, which includes ICAM’s SMARTPACK Technology, will allow companies who utilise 3 Axis Milling to have a bespoke dedicated Post Processor written for a Machine Tool with full Machining Simulation by the inclusion of the Controller Emulator, Material Removal and Virtual Machine and ARC Fitting licences from ICAM.

Custom NC Post-Processors and advanced machining productivity tools including High-Speed Machining, NURBS and Arc Fitting.

ICAM’s partial client list includes Airbus, Boeing, Triumph, Ferrari, Michelin, Rolls-Royce, Philips, GE and many more.

Be more active – optimise your machining processes

ICAM’s PSE Manufacturing solution is a powerful and flexible suite of software that can be utilised to create simple stand alone 2-axis post processors to complex and fully integrated post-processing and full machine simulation solutions. PSE is an acronym for ‘Post Processing, Simulation and Emulation’.

ICAM PSE can be integrated with the worlds’ leading CAD/CAM and PLM providers which provides a ‘one port of call’ for all post-processing and simulation requirements.