Single Source of Truth

On-Premise; on-Cloud

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is the platform of reference to imagine sustainable innovation, in domains as wide as mobility of the future, energy transition, life sciences and cities.



Industry Solutions

Transport and Mobility (Motorsport; Automotive)

The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform allows Transportation and Mobility companies to go from customer insights, ideation, experience storyboarding, to product & service design, test, final delivery and maintenance in one virtual environment.

Aerospace and Defence

Aerospace and Defense teams seamlessly collaborate across the globe and integrate new technologies like additive manufacturing and robotics, using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. This can transform the innovation process by leveraging virtual environments to innovate in the real world. Integrate new technologies to accelerate innovation, lower costs, and increase manufacturing agility.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

AEC professionals are driven by validation from project owners of the value they add to the project. It is important to build professional respect, trust, and credibility with owners. Inspire owners by inviting them into collaborative 3D environments with AEC professionals, for project visibility, and to facilitate sound decision making. AEC professionals are able to tell the story how to build with trust and credibility.

Manufacturing (Industrial Equipment)

The growing trends of the 4th Industrial Revolution - automation, IoT, artificial intelligence, big data analysis, networked communications, machine learning and cloud computing – mark a significant change in the way we work and how we engage with our customers. These emerging technologies are providing advanced and disruptive Industrial Equipment solutions that support the creation, production and delivery of sophisticated and efficient machinery, equipment and components.



Brand Applications and Services

Best in class product development software applications, delivered on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, enabling 3D Design, Engineering, 3D CAD, Modeling, Simulation, Data Management and Process Management.

CATIA: Design built on a single source of truth with powerful 3D dashboards, CATIA provides you with the toolset you need and provides your business with the intelligence, real-time concurrent design and collaboration across all stakeholders - desktop and mobile. Systems architects, engineers, designers and all contributors can define, imagine and shape the connected world.

ENOVIA: Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, ENOVIA helps you to plan your definition of success. With a broad portfolio of technical and business applications, it enables stakeholders across the enterprise to contribute to sustainable innovation.



DELMIA: Helps global businesses reimagine their engineering, operations, and planning for manufacturing excellence across design, production, distribution, people and processes. DELMIA's portfolio enables you to transform operations; design and test in a simulated production environment. Once complete, you can efficiently plan, produce, and manage all resources from staff to production, to customer delivery.

and more .... 3DVIA; SOLIDWORKS; SIMULIA; GEOVIA; EXALEAD;  BIOVIA, Netvibes; 3DExcite.

Our Products

Revolutionise the way you conceive, develop and realise new products. Deliver a competitive edge through innovative customer experiences.

Stop messing about with your old-fashioned Pro Engineer, your complicated and messy set of little tools you’ve built up over the years.  You say you ‘love’ them.  But really?  Are you prepared for these ‘Tool-Friends’ to hold you back, drive you to distraction, annoy your colleagues (who by the way, already think you’re a bit of a lunatic).  Are you really going to design your future and your company’s future on that sad miserable stack of disparate, unconnected, dis-integrated technologies!  Wake up and do your job like a man (you can’t say slash woman on a rant - and anyway women are cooler, so it won’t be them)!

I’m not asking you to be cool, or change who you are.  I’m just asking you not to be so annoying.  Look, just get CATIA.  Alright?  Enough said.  Speak to you soon.  You know the number.  Just dial it, we’ll talk then.

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