Post-Processor Development

Speed up manufacturing with custom post-processors

Improve NC Programming and CNC Machining

We’re unique in being able to offer post-processor development for CNC machine tools.  Our staff have many years experience in developing these custom codes to optimize and improve the quality of your machining.

Speed up manufacturing with custom post-processors

Many organisations use a particular CAM system that satisfies their basic needs. The trouble is that manufacturing jobs differ significantly in their specificity, meaning the post-processor that’s built into the CAM system simply can’t deliver on every job. At DTE, we help you to overcome this issue by using ICAM or CENIT technologies to produce custom post-processors to speed up your manufacturing process. Where you have a resource shortage or face a challenging part to program, we can work with you to develop the CNC program to meet your needs.

Our staff have considerable experience working in fast-paced machine shops so we fully appreciate the impact that a customized post-processor will make on your machining process.


How to use sensors in MSC Adams

Using Sensors to Latch a Mechanism

Sometimes with a mechanism simulation you need to trigger a change in the mechanism when an event such as a latch engaging to stop a component from moving any further. You can model the geometry and use a contact model to capture the physical engagement of the geometry, but this can add to your simulation run time and require a lot of tuning to get working happily.

An alternative is to control the behaviour of the latched component directly using motions that are triggered by the use of Sensors – detecting when the event occurs using a measure and then altering the connectivity of the model to reflect the new configuration with the latch engaged. 

This simple example illustrates how the user sets up this type of simulation ….

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