CATIA 3D Master

CATIA 3D Master

The key concept of the CATIA 3D Master approach is that the 3D product model is the best method for delivering the detailed product information needed in the product design and development process.

By moving from the traditional 2D drawing to the 3D Master method, companies can accurately define 100% of the product definition using a single 3D Dataset.

Using 2D drawings as a reference point in the design process, a company might need multiple 2D drawings to define a single point on a 3D product.

The CATIA 3D Master concept also allows companies to reduce cost and improve the product development process by stripping out errors that are commonly made when using 2D drawings as reference points for 3D products.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • Faster product time to market
  • Improved design & development process
  • Helps eliminate design errors
  • Better understanding of the 3D product across the supply chain

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