Computer Aided Three dimensional Interactive Application

multi-platform software suite

CATIA is the World's Leading Solution for Product Design and Experience. With nearly a million users it is likely you’re surrounded by products designed and produced using CATIA. Most of what’s on your desk right now, the transport you used to get to the office, the soap packaging you used in the shower to planes flying overhead. Mostly developed with CATIA.

In fact, with CATIA you can model any product and in the context of its real-life behaviour: of what we know as design for the experience. We can help you define, imagine and shape the real world.


Design built on a single source of truth with powerful 3D dashboards, CATIA provides you with the toolset you need and provides your business the intelligence, real-time concurrent design and collaboration across all stakeholders - desktop and mobile.

Hey let’s not kid ourselves. It’s likely that you’re here because

A. You’ve used CATIA before in a previous job or at University and need it back in your life.

B. Your supply chain demands that you get CATIA (OEMs can change software supplier, but they don’t need to change you). Or

C. you need to take a look at just how powerful all the new features of CATIA, coupled with 3DEXPERIENCE.

If it’s D. You need a new design software solution, because what you use at the moment won’t do what you need or doesn’t have the simplicity of the CATIA user interface or the its power - you’d better just call us now on 01993 883555 to talk to an expert.

Our Products

Revolutionise the way you conceive, develop and realise new products. Deliver a competitive edge through innovative customer experiences.

Stop messing about with your old fashioned Pro Engineer, your complicated and messy set of little tools you’ve built up over the years.  You say you ‘love’ them.  But really?  Are you prepared for these ‘Tool-Friends’ to hold you back, drive you to distraction, annoy your colleagues (who by the way, already think you’re a bit of a lunatic).  Are you really going to design your future and your company’s future on that sad miserable stack of disparate, unconnected, dis-integrated technologies!  Wake up and do your job like a man (you can’t say slash woman on a rant - and anyway women are cooler, so it won’t be them)!

I’m not asking you to be cool, or change who you are.  I’m just asking you not to be so annoying.  Look, just get CATIA.  Alright?  Enough said.  Speak to you soon.  You know the number.  Just dial it, we’ll talk then.


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