MSC Apex 2021- What’s New

Overview of Functionalities of MSC Software Apex 2021: Generative Design; User Interface; Geometry; Meshing, Nastran pre-processing; Thermal Expansion; customisation …

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Are you a SOLIDWORKS customer and feel that your team or workload has gotten to the point where you need to introduce some basic data management and control? Then please take a look at our short video showing what 3DEXPERIENCE can do to help. 3DEXPERIENCE direct...

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3DEXPERIENCE platform webinars

Register or Watch webinars below to learn new ways of adding 3DEXPERIENCE platform products to your portfolio; learn more on industry specific roles or what's new in upcoming releases: Design and Styling for Aerospace Passenger Experience Discover a deep dive into...

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SOLIDWORKS on-demand webinars

Watch on-demand webinars to learn new ways of adding 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS to your portfolio of cloud collaboration tools: By integrating all pieces of the product development lifecycle - from design to simulation and manufacturing, as opposed to using disjointed...

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MSC Software Apex Defeaturing

Prepping CAD geometry for FEA can be a complex, time consuming and error prone activity. MSC.Apex has been designed from the ground-up to make this a simple and intuitive step which can dramatically reduce the time spent in this part of the process.

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3DEXPERIENCE Parallel Design

Collaboration Tools in 3DS Dassault Systemes 3DEXPERIENCE platform – Alex and Justin work on a motorcycle part and use filtering tags to work in collaboration in parallel design

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MSC Apex – Geometry Manipulation

The guiding principle for the development of MSC.Apex has been ease of use. Through the intelligent design of an intuitive interface, users need no formal training and can be productive after watching a few short videos.

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MSC Apex Scripting

In an ideal world every piece of software has a button that does exactly what you want, but in the real world, you will find yourself completing repetitive tasks either within a single model or each time to create a model

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“We wouldn’t have got our first car to the grid without Desktop Engineering’s help.”

F1 Team Principal