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For 3D design, CATIA is pivotal to our strategy

Since the company was founded in 2008, JR Motorsports (JRM) has operated at the cutting-edge of motorsport, recording success-after-success at international level in rallying, racing and other forms of automotive competition. In 2009, it acquired the Japanese tuning parts supplier Sumo Power, which resulted in the creation of a JRM specialist engineering facility in Daventry.

“Our engineering department is built around the very latest technology. For us, efficiency is a key business driver which means investing in software and systems which provide us with a competitive edge. For 3D design, CATIA is pivotal to our strategy.”

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JR Motorsports

One of the most significant moments in the company’s history took place in January 2010, when it formed an association with NISMO (Nissan Motorsport International Co Ltd) to prepare and race two 600bhp Nissan GT-Rs in the inaugural FIA GT1 World Championship. A team of top-level engineers and professional drivers were assembled in a matter of weeks and, running under the banner of Sumo Power GT, the team secured three wins, eight podium finishes and a string of fastest laps.

Following more consultation with NISMO, JRM contested the 2011 FIA GT1 Championship by adding a further two Nissan GT-Rs that ran under the JRM Racing banner. This time the team won five races, gained 18 podium finishes and ultimately secured the FIA GT1 World Championship drivers’ title. Due to this success, JRM became the official constructor and supplier of the Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 for Europe, Russia and the Middle East. This appointment, in turn, saw the expansion of JRM’s Daventry-based engineering operation.

More recently, JRM competed in the FIA World Endurance Championship as one of the leading privateer teams, finishing third overall; while the expansion of the Daventry facility allowed the group’s R&D and engineering departments to be housed under the same roof.

Engineering capabilities and working with Desktop Engineering

JRM has been working with Desktop Engineering (DTE) since 2008. When Jason King, Managing Director for JRM at its Daventry facility, joined in 2009 he wasn’t surprised to find that DTE was involved on the engineering side of things:

... most of the industry uses DTE. It’s a good outfit.”


JRM is equipped with state-of-the-art computer-controlled machines at its Daventry purpose-built workshop. Using the latest CAD/CAM software, supplied by DTE, JRM can compress the time it takes to go from design to manufacture via a tried, tested and rapid prototyping procedure, through to the production and delivery of full CMM (Co-ordinate Measuring Machine) inspected and traceable finished components. Working to exceptionally precise tolerances in all of its multi-axis CNC milling and machining operations, the company offers the ability to produce complex components in a wide range of materials, including aluminium, stainless steel, plastics and special alloys.

In addition, JRM has a modern and fully equipped metal fabrication department. As well as providing support for the company’s motorsport construction and development projects, Daventry can undertake all forms of metal fabrication; from complex welded assemblies, sheet metal work and tubular frames; through to tanks, radiators, intercoolers and pipework.

King explained:

Our engineering department is built around the very latest technology. For us, efficiency is a key business driver which means investing in software and systems which provide us with a competitive edge. For 3D design, CATIA is pivotal to our strategy.”


Design using the latest 3D technology

JRM’s in-house design and development team use CATIA PLM Express from Dassault Systèmes. Through this solution, JRM engineers are provided with a collaborative and completely CATIA-integrated environment to create the innovative parts they require. CATIA provides a clear vision of the finished product at an early stage of the design process, speeding up production, minimising delays and potentially costly errors. Within the PLM software suite, the components used most frequently by JRM are CATIA Mechanical Shape Design, CATIA Mechanical Product Creation and CATIA Fabricated Product Creation:

  • CATIA Mechanical Shape Design provides a unique and powerful spec-driven modelling approach for the creation of high-end mechanical shapes and the intuitive manipulation of free form surfaces. It promotes efficient concurrent engineering between styling and shape design, enabling the optimisation of the product design workflow process.
  • CATIA Mechanical Product Creation reduces time to design by enabling true concurrent engineering on complex parts. It enables fast design changes by automatically adapting parts and products to new contexts.
  • CATIA Fabricated Product Creation is dedicated to the rapid design of sheet metal parts. Designers benefit from the already capitalised know-how and can take into account constraints early in the design process. In this way, they create sheet metal parts that are fully compliant with company rules and standards.

King continued:

The advice we receive from DTE is invaluable in helping us maximise the business benefits of the design software we use on a daily basis. They understand our industry and are therefore able to provide insight which saves us money, while also providing us with a competitive technology edge.”


Making the most of collaboration

On the advice of DTE, JRM also uses ENOVIASmarTeam from Dassault; a platform which heightens collaboration throughout the organisation. For design, ENOVIA SmarTeam enables collaboration assisting the development of new products or the reuse of existing ones. For engineering, ENOVIA offers seamless cross-departmental collaboration throughout the product life-cycle. Currently at JRM, the platform is used to provide restricted control to the engineering department’s CAD models and 2D drawings and ensure all files are backed up and stored safely. Again, the key driver here is efficiency.

King concluded:

We are seeing a distinct growth in the motorsport sector, following a tough couple of years for OEMs. Our engineering department is growing and we are constantly on the look-out for good people. It is important that we don’t stand still as a company, which is why we will soon be discussing CATIA  3DEXPERIENCE V6 with DTE as innovation sits at the heart of our business.”


CATIA PLM Express Overview

  • A collaborative solution to leverage teamwork design;
  • A smart configurator solution tailored specifically for industrial processes;
  • A quick-start package for a smooth deployment in less than 10 days;
  • A fast path to rapidly ramp up to a complete PLM solution;
  • A working Windows® and Office® environment designers are familiar with.


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