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Established in 1981, Co-Eng, headquartered in Coleshill, North Warwickshire, provides design and manufacturing capabilities for a wide range of industrial sectors, most notably the automotive sector.

The design and manufacture of machined parts, inspection equipment, test rigs and jigs and fixtures are its four main areas of expertise. The company provides a complete solution for an engineering project, taking full responsibility for all phases from concept to delivery. Both design and manufacturing are conducted on-site within a 15,000 sq ft facility.

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Since an acquisition in 2012 by co-owners Neil Mason and Mark Kemp, the company has gone from strength-to-strength, in line with the resurgence of large automotive OEMs in the UK, and now has over 30 employees.

CAD Capabilities

Due to its continual growth, Co-Eng now has six members in its design team, all of whom are fully conversant with CATIA V5. This team includes a full-time CAM Engineer who utilises Co-Eng’s seat of Delcam PowerMILL & PowerSHAPE to supply its suite of Hurco CNC machining centres, and an apprentice who joined the design team on completion of a CATIA Foundation Training course supplied by Desktop Engineering (DTE).

Co-Eng’s relationship with DTE began in 2013 when it was looking to increase its number of CATIA seats for its design facility. DTE helped with a seamless transition of licences from another supplier but also offered real added value with the quality and breadth of training it could provide.

Mark Haywood, Design Engineering Manager at Co-Eng, said:

The support we were receiving from our previous supplier was not up to standard, which was one of the key reasons for moving to DTE. We bought into the CADCheck model of support DTE offers and in all honesty now receive a more knowledgeable and easier to access service than we previously had. Also, we have been greatly impressed with the quality of training DTE supply.”

Additionally, DTE has written two macros for Co-Eng. The first was a customised version of DTE’s standard titleblock/drawing border macro and the second a macro that saves all open files to formats like STEP, IGES, PDF and DWG.

In all, Co-Eng now has seven CATIA seats but also has the capabilities to cater for most engineering design needs, operating across platforms including AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, Inventor, Solidworks and Delcam PowerMILL/PowerSHAPE.

However, CATIA is Co-Eng’s primary CAD system. It uses CATIA V5 with MCE and an additional HDX module. Co-Eng’s solution provides a unique and powerful spec-driven modelling approach for the creation of high-end mechanical shapes and the intuitive manipulation of free-form surfaces. This standard solution for high-quality surface modelling promotes efficient concurrent engineering between styling and shape design enabling designers to optimise the product design workflow.

With MCE, parts can be structured by groups or zones of features making it easier for designers to work on dedicated local design areas, better understand the design, and implement design changes. A unique set of advanced operations is available to manage any combination of design elements therefore dramatically improving productivity and promoting advanced collaborative design methodologies.

Technology Investment

Hurco Dual Column Vertical CNC Machine FrameMost recently, Co-Eng has purchased a Hurco DCX22i dual column machining centre which has been deployed across all areas of activity, considerably extending the size of components that can be machined. Since 2012, Co-Eng has dramatically increased its Hurco footprint spanning 3, 4 and 5-axis capability. The business rationale behind this is to move the milling and drilling of larger fabrications and machine parts off the company’s manually-operated jig borers, hence the delivery of the fifth CNC Hurco, which has a working volume of to 2,200 x 1,700 x 750 mm.

Co-Eng product display

With over 30 years trading experience, Co-eng has full ISO 9001 accreditation and provides a design and manufacture capability for a wide range of industrial sectors.

In essence, Co-Eng’s investment in people and technology has, in part, been driven by an ambition to improve on price and efficiency which has consequently resulted in a greater flexibility in relation to its ability to design and manufacture.

Onwards and Upwards

In all, Co-Eng now uses six CNC machines, five of which have been added in the last two years.

Haywood concluded:

We are constantly looking to increase our design capabilities so will soon be looking to add additional CATIA seats, while also looking to expand our functionality by deploying solutions such as SmarTeam.”


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